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This Is how W.B.C works…

You can start selling within minutes and this is how…

Register your account:

You choose your price and we add 20% combined with the shipping cost. Before you can upload any products for approval to our platform you must register your account for free. Please fill in all your details as requested, to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Snap photos & upload:

Your photos of the products you want to add must follow these strict guidelines. You can view the guidelines at the bottom of the product submission page. Once approved you will need to drop the product at our depots either via courier or via own transport.

Await sale and get paid:

Once your product is approved you can access your account to mange the product you have added. You will also be notfied via email if your product has been sold and you will also be able to keep track of all sales that has taken place on your account.

Why Sell With Us…

We ensure your needs are met by hand to hand communication and assurance.


At WeBuyClothes we make sure to provide our seller and buyer with security through our platform. All sellers are double-checked and approved before their products go live onto the site. All products have been washed and packed by the WBC depot.


We ship from our depots to our buyers after al products have been approved. We partnered up with courier companies, to provide turn-key shipping solution ensuring that all orders and all sellers are kept track of on our database to ensure timely delivery throughout South Africa.

Get paid

At WeBuyClothes we pay out to the sellers weekly on Fridays. Once your product is sold you will be notified via email to engage the payout process.

Trust us to sell your clothing…

We provide an accesable local trading platform for young people within South Africa, we are dedicated to give you the oppertunity to make some extra cash via the old clothes and accessories just lying in your closet. Give WeBuyClothes a go.

Shipping catered for you…

We ensure your needs are met by hand to hand communication and assurance.

Product sold

Once your product you have listed is sold on the platform you will immediately be notified via e-mail notification. Through the sale the courier also gets updated about the sale and engages the fulfillment of the order from the WBC headquarters to the buyer.

Shipped from WBC depot to buyer

The courier will pick up the product directly from WBC depot after it has been washed and packed. We will then provide the buyer with a tracking code to ensure delivery as intended.

Buyer notifies successfull delivery

Once the order is succesfully fullfiled you the seller will be notified via email that the order has been completed. The buyer will also get a notfication stating that the order has been completed. Once your order has been completed the seller will get n email updating them on the balance of their account at WeBuyClothes.

Create an account today to buy and sell items with W.B.C

For quick approvals we have added the whatsapp option or submissions can be done through the website in accordance with our guidelines for review and await pre-approval. You choose your asking price and we add 20% plus shipping on that. You get paid your asking price. Awesome!

Your approved product/s will be collected free of charge to the WBC depot. We will ensure the product is cleaned, marketed on all platforms and packed in our custom brand packaging.

Once your item is approved and the quality of the product is 100%, your product will go live on our platform, when a sale take place we will ship from our depot and notify you via email.

Once the sale is completed successfully, you will be paid out within 5 working days of the successful delivery to the buyer.

Once you have sold your first product, why not do it again? We will maintain our near-perfect customer care to ensure that you are kept happy.

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